car engine

Have you ever wonder why your car is running? Yes, it’s simply the engine that does the thing yet you still don’t know how to fully understand why it is working? Let this explanation give you all the knowledge and idea of how your car engine functions to make you able to enjoy your car’s smooth ride.

Wheels were made so long ago just before the engine was developed. Making people exert much effort in traveling and may use the animals such as horses, camels, and any other stuff that would be able to let the wheels move.

Engines may look so complicated at the time you first open the hood of your car, for these may give you a vague view of mixed metals and wires that will make you confuse how this thing actually works for your car. It’s primary purpose actually is to convert the gasoline you have loaded into an energy that will be able to set your car in motion. It is through burning the gasoline in the engine itself to create movement, making it an internal combustion that the drive is produced for all your car parts to move.

There are two things for you to understand first in order or you to figure out the whole thing. There are actually two different kinds of the engine that works primarily for what they are built from, the Diesel and The Gas Turbine engines.

There is also a thing called the external combustion that is well illustrated with what has the old trains and water vehicles such as steamboats. They load these engines with water, fuel, coal, or even wood to be burnt in order to create steam that will be responsible in making the movement inside the engine even if the combustion is done outside the vehicles.

Here is a list of the engine types that will help you identify its function and contribution to how your car will work.

  • Heat Engine- a kind of engine that uses thermal or heat energy, converting it into a mechanical energy.
  • Combustion Engine- derives a combustion process that is needed to release mechanical energy. That my come into two primary types:
    -Internal Combustion Engine- found in your car’s hood.
    -External Combustion Engine- found outside.
  • Air-breathing combustion engine- using air more specifically the oxygen that will convert into a mechanical energy. The term used for oxygen burning process is oxidizing.

These categories will give you an obvious answer to your curiosity. That engines may function in variations depending on the kind o load, and type of car you are actually using. Engines are now innovated into many other categories, and good thing there are now environment-friendly engines that use solar and hydro-power, making the emission of the vehicles clean and harmless.

These are engine innovations that must be kept and be developed for a responsible deal with the natural resources most especially fuel that is now near to its extinction.