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Luxury crossovers were designed with luxury and comfort in mind. The idea is to accommodate passengers and cargo room while adding some comforting touches and features to the SUV. In some cases, this may include improving upon driving experience. Instead of a bulky and unresponsive feel while driving, the handling is more refined, which is surprising considering the substantial appearance of an SUV.

To accommodate this interest, many auto manufacturers have been hard at work designing the perfect crossover ( click here to learn more about the difference between crossover and suv ) for someone who’s looking for a luxurious ride in an SUV body.

Let’s take a look at some of the top 10 luxurious crossovers available today.

2012 Cadillac SRX

Buyers can look forward to the comfortable seating arrangement for five passengers with an impressive 61 cubic foot of space to place your groceries and travel necessities. A list of upscale features ranges from the incredible summer roof of, an advanced sound system, and an adaptive suspension system under various road conditions. The average 308 hp will be more than adequate to cover your daily driving means. Of course, you have the option of selecting all-wheel-drive option if the standard six-speed automatic transmission simply doesn’t cut it for you.

2012 Infiniti FX

This particular SUV is almost sportier compared to the other SUVs offered on this list. The Infiniti FX seems to share the aggressive rear-wheel drive like that of the G sedan offered by the same manufacturer. The handling couldn’t get any better than this. Many of the other SUVs could stand to learn a lesson or two from the successful Infiniti FX. All-wheel-drive is standard and so is the accommodation of five passengers. You won’t be disappointed with the 62 cubic feet of cargo room. The standard models start out with 303 hp under the hood, but an upgrade can raise the horsepower to up to 90 plus. Regardless of the option you pick, the engines are carefully managed by a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Audi Q7

This SUV comes at a unique angle compared to the others. The design of the Q7 was inspired by offering a luxurious SUV capable of towing small loads. The interior design is absolutely incredible and is to be expected with luxurious Audi’s brand. Instead of seating just for five passengers, the roomy interior is capable of seating up to seven passengers. However, 72 cubic feet are still to be had even after the passengers are buckled in. So how much towing capacity can you expect? 6600 pounds total will be more than enough for most family outings.

2013 Acura RDX

The 2013 Acura RDX has constantly undergone revisions in order to come up with the compact luxury crossover that passengers would appreciate. Acura worked hard to design a luxurious yet compact crossover that came standard in a well-rounded package. This five-passenger vehicle offers excellent fuel economy compared to the previous year. As if that wasn’t enough, then it has been replaced with something a little beefier. The updated engine offers 273 hp with an all-wheel-drive arrangement option.

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL K class

Mercedes is not too keen on constantly revising already successful models. Yet, they managed to get this SUV facelift and improve upon the interior for the 2013 model. You can comfortably seat five passengers and also have plenty of room for any extra accessories. The ride quality is remarked as behaving similarly to that of a sedan. The seven-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel-drive are standard but this particular crossover. However, an option exists to upgrade to a feature to have the ability to stop the engine to help increase fuel economy.

2013 Buick Enclave

The roomy interior is not only the definition of comfort, but the ride reveals absolutely no road noise when traveling. The passenger capacity can comfortably seat up to eight passengers with vast amounts of luggage seeming to challenge other SUVs with their smaller storage spaces. The 288 hp definitely has some pep in its step. Overall a well-rounded package with a fitting price tag.

2013 BMW X3

The BMW X3 handles the roads like a pro while seating five passengers and maintaining a decent fuel economy. The cargo space is not too bad with 63.3 being the standard. There are a couple of engine options to choose from depending on your lifestyle, and this vehicle intended use. Interestingly enough, if you need extra cargo space, you can always pull the rear seats forward.

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL class

This SUV is massive and appearances and for a good reason. The Crossover (7) seven-passenger SUV offers remarkable tuning in a comfortable ride through a responsive steering and handling system. Somehow, Mercedes has managed to cram all the good qualities of their luxury sedans into a larger behemoth of the vehicle. Regardless of the motor, you select, all-wheel-drive and seven-speed automatic transmissions are standard.

2012 Infiniti EX

The Infinity EX appears to be a station wagon with a taller stance. The platform is based off the similar successful sedan is able to have the curves of a road with ease and grace. The interior of the EX is capable of handling five passengers plus 47 cubic inches of cargo if needed. Surprisingly enough, this compact crossover is agile and the city streets to parking and driving won’t be a problem with this incredible SUV.