StP Crystal | Elastic Triple Layer Multifunctional Lens Foamed Bitumen Saturated Polyurethane | Sound Deadaner
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StP Crystal - is an elastic triple-layer multifunctional lens, based on foamed bitumen saturated polyurethane. The lenses are covered by a pressed aluminum foil, effectively dispersing back sound wave. adhesive layer consists of the most effective vibro insulating material. temperature range for handling this material: without mounting layer from minus 40c to plus 80c. Best choice for car-audio tuning. acoustic lens crystal disperses and absorbs the wave produced by a speaker in the opposite direction as well as metallic resonances of a car door. effectiveness of an acoustic lens is defined by the 3 following acoustic effects:

-vibrodamping of acoustic volume of a car door, i.e. elimination of parasitic resonances.

-sound absorption in the acoustic volume of a car door provides smoothing of a sound filed in terms of frequency.

-sound pressure avering in acoustic volume of a car door provides the elimination of acoustic reasonces- sound waves interference. The averaging is provided by the special embossment.

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Item #: Crystal