car tuning

Modifying cars to meet performance and personal needs are commonly referred to as car tuning. The individual doing the modifying may have different reasons for wanting to customize their stock vehicle.

Usually car tuners modify their cars or trucks to be fast, nimble and good looking. Their cars may even be a statement of their own personal tastes.

There are several styles of tuning to pick from, a quick look at this article will familiarize yourself with these various styles.

Now that we’ve discovered the various ways a car enthusiast can customize their vehicle, let’s take a look at where car tuning originated and why.

Cars may be customized to improve a specific trait of the vehicle such as fuel economy, more horsepower, and even better handling in tight situations such as corners.

Modifying cars are almost always related to auto racing, but most customized cars may never touch a drag strip or enter a single race during the vehicle’s entire lifetime. Tuned cars are specifically built for the owner’s pleasure of showing off and driving.

Car enthusiasts who are just getting started with tuning may start with small alterations on the interior of the vehicle.

Customizations range from, replacing the pedals with something aftermarket ones. They may even decide to cover their bland looking seats with seat covers of their favorite sports team! Once car enthusiasts get their first taste of customization, they usually start looking for more dramatic tuning options.

The exterior of the vehicle is the first thing people will see, and can tell the public a lot about your particular personality.

Exterior modifications range from lowering the vehicle several inches till the car is just skimming the ground, to adding aggressive-looking body kits and spoilers, and even opting for a custom paint job.

Of course, many of the changes that are desired by the owner are rarely offered by the dealership or auto manufacturer. As a result, aftermarket parts have made it possible for the auto enthusiast to design the car of their dreams.

Car tuning first originated between the 1970’s and the 1980’s. American youth were bored with the large and un-impressive vehicles of the time, so they started looking for alternative vehicles that they could customize to display their personal tastes.

In the beginning, Japanese performance cars were prohibited from being exported outside of Japan. In the 1980’s and the beginning of the 1990’s, performance cars from Japan started to slowly make their way over to North America’s soils.

The Nissan Skyline was one of the first vehicles that the American youth would first get their creative hands on.

In North America, this importation and modifying of these performance cars were a direct contrast to the muscle cars that were produced on USA soil.

The Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, and a few other muscle cars were limited by tuning only because of the lack of aftermarket parts.

As you can imagine, very few youths were able to get their hands on these exotic imports from Japan and even fewer were lucky enough to have a classic muscle car at their disposal. Instead, the compact economy cars that frequented the streets would have to do until then.

The small size of these economy cars made it possible to achieve great performance and handling with little investment and tuning required.

As the interest for vehicle sports and racing increased, so did the number of tuned vehicles. Anyone was capable of tuning a car regardless of their lack of or years of experience. The results achieved would be mixed.